You can get fast, cheaper, and at any time, of our great catalogue of CLIMO coolers.

  • Rent of chillers

Within the range of rental chillers can have teams ranging from 30 to 1.200Kw thermal power per unit, to work with water +5 ° C and -15 ° C brines

  • Rent of heat pumps

In the range of heat pumps can work with temperature ranges between 7 ° C and 45 ° C. Both chillers and heat pumps offer an elegant, quiet and safe operation . The systems are modular and adaptable to each other powers and characteristics every need. The equipment and accessories used in the assembly of machines and facilities are designed especially for mobile installations for rapid assembly and high security , not being machinery market standard . The chillers and heat pumps air to water with axial fan are built with double housing structure and galvanized steel , protected with anti-corrosion paint and container shaped closed getting a low noise level. Pumping equipment comprises two electric water circulation and may act spare one , or both working fluid in the drive , or the drive and the other in the return . The hydraulic circuit includes a storage tank constructed with sheet steel and protected with insulation, isolation valves , flow switch , pressure gauge , fill and drain valves , safety valves , pressure control and water temperature etc . The control is fully electronic installation via a microprocessor and operating control and SMS alerts . The current input is protected by a circuit breaker and a differential in the overall network and individual protection for each electrical component , including ammeter , voltmeter , frequency , phase indicator , hour and scheduler startup and shutdown . The control unit can be remote or machine.


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