Climo Events

Climo has participated in major entertainment events, sports and business in the country. International Expositions, Olympic Games, concerts, national and international trade fairs, etc..

With Climo have a facility to rent with the quality and efficiency of permanent settlement.

Climo The modular system allows us, in a fast, the air conditioning of your event (air conditioning, heating and ventilation).

We have the knowledge, equipment and power range, accessories and clothing needed to keep up with your event.

HVAC systems and equipment, depending on the surface to be cooled:

Small surfaces - self Equipment Compact Air / Air

  • Heat generating electrical resistance​: ideal for heating small spaces (offices, meeting rooms, lobby, etc..). Powers range from 2KW to 8 KW.
  • Compact climaters: air / air for air conditioning and heating, without outdoor unit. Low power consumption with high performance. Power between 1KW and 3KW
  • Cold penguins
  • Outdoor heaters

Medium / Large surfaces - self Equipment Compact Air / Air

  • Vertical and Roof Top: production system / heating heat pump with power between 60 kW and 200kw per unit. Power operation.
  • Heat generators: combustion heating oil indirect (no odors or fumes).

Surfaces and Unlimited Power - Generator + air handling Units

  • chiller + climaters
  • boilers + climaters
  • heat pumps + climaters

The combination of these devices allows us to guarantee the desired temperature in extreme conditions in both summer and winter, without limitation surface (fairgrounds, velodrome, etc..)​



Climo events climating systems
World race heating systems


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