CLIMO gives you an ice rink where you need.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Base isolation

Over the rink area we apply a high density polystyrene, which can resist weights over 750 Kg./m2. This slide protects the rink area of temperature variations; also contibutes to save energy.

  •  Rink base

Have different materials to choose from. The base of the track, is thermally treated and bonded together to form base plates which are dimensioned, in each case according to the characteristics of the track. These plates are interconnected so that the entire surface is mounted on the insulation previously placed, forming a grid previously calculated by our technical department to be used according to the type of activity and the time or season.

The thickness, hardness and strength of the ice are previously calculated depending on weather conditions, determining the power of the chiller to be used and the range of movement of exchange glycol , obtaining the temperature stabilization uniform across the track.

  • Protection railings

The fences may be provided in different materials and designs according to the needs and / or preferences of the customer. The usual materials include steel, aluminum, wood methacrylate. All handrails provided by our company are properly designed, privileging the corresponding access and use services, safety and emergency.

  • Water cooler plant

Climo Mobile units are built with double structure, lacquered sheet steel and anti-corrosion whose completion has an excellent engine room of operational functionality and low noise level. The set features an expansion tank accumulator and a water heating equipment (which contributes to a quick release) and a glycol pumping equipment consists of two pumps, one service and one reserve. The control panel is fully electronic operation, incorporating electrical protection and all necessary indicators (glycol circulation of glicol pressure level, safety valves, etc..) For proper monitoring equipment. The entrance of the electrical connection is protected by circuit breakers general and differential thermal magnet..

  • Electrical installations. Sets. lighting

Connection systems of electrical networks, equipment, machines and components and lighting installations are completely watertight and meet all safety standards allowing for its Design and functionality, an operation quick and safe mounting.

  • Homologations

All equipment and accessories used by our company are designed especially for mobile installations quick and high security. Our technicians thoroughly quality control across the range of products during the manufacturing process as well as during the assembly of the works we do.

Our company is accredited as a manufacturer, installer and maintainer, consequently, our facilities comply with all the provisions in force in technology are fully approved and authorized by the competent authorities, in compliance with all rules and regulations.



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